Listen: Belfast’s Chalk Return with New Track ‘The Gate’ via Nice Swan Records

As the strident Chalk announce signing with Nice Swan Records, more post-punk infused electric melodies follow in their new raucous single, ‘The Gate’.

Influenced by societal pressures, Chalk draw attention to the constant stress we’re surrounded by. Whether that be intimate issues or problems with the wider world, the song hits a nerve with most people’s realities. With lyrics like “push and pull” or “it comes and goes”, amidst a ferocious hum, the song suggests a battle with the mind and the negativity we associate ourselves with.

Playing with their own samples, the speedy amalgamation of every beat and synth they’ve tried aids their theme. A metaphor itself for everything that’s going on outside the studio.

Speaking on ‘The Gate’, “The first musical part that was written was the ending, which is an ode to ‘Come to Daddy’ by Aphex Twin. I wanted to create a track inspired by Locked Club or Mica Levi, something that had a type of arranged percussion playing at a 1/16 rate. Then I found a drum and bass drum sample which we had Lukere-record in the drum booth. Luke and Ben came up with the vocal delivery for the “Push and Pull” bits then coloured in the rest. We’re leaning into sampling a lot more-especially our own field recordings-sounds of public transport, and construction that we’ve built a library of.”

Photo by Aaron Cunningham

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