Listen: Belfast’s Enola Gay Share ‘Scrappers’ from Debut EP ‘Gransha’

Setting the bar for authoritative tolerance low, in ‘Scrappers’, Enola Gay showcase an un-compromising knack for capturing nightmarish normalcy; corroding social-fragility like a hot-headed acid-wash, in a basin of disciplinary delicate’s.

As far as three-minutes go, ‘Scrappers’ may not be the most radical trick in the book, but when positioned at unease within Enola Gay’s augmented-anthology of ‘Gransha’ and renewable revolution, ‘Scrappers’ opens up a window to a gusto of expertly unpredictable storm.

Taking on the form of an Edvard Munch painting- with a demonstrated focus on tumultuous trigger combined with a motley melding of municipal noise-art and the three pillars of claustrophobic creativity: anarchy, anxiety, and acclimated self-assurance, ‘Scrappers’ doesn’t just capture frustration, it actively greets disdain in order to spawn a systematic re-birth; and that takes guts.


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