The Best of The Journal – September

The Journal is our place to quickly respond to the ever growing amount of bands we love, and give you their new music. As soon as we hear/see it, be it a new video on Youtube or a new song on Soundcloud. You’ll find it all up on our Tumblr blog which we call The Journal. Summer has passed and new bands with new music are flooding in, so we thought we’d take some time to pick out our favourites of the month so far.

The Big Moon – The Road

The girls, who we speak to in our latest issue, are back with another tune that is sure to endlessly roll around your brain whilst you roll around the office/car/carpet. You’ll never be more inclined to press repeat on a song about ‘leaving’ more than this one. Lets get sad together.

Splashh – Pure Blue

Splashh are back! Following on from last year’s taste of progression ‘Colour It In’. The band return with a new track and new line up before they head out on the road with Peace and Yak. Where ‘Colour It In’ provided a soundtrack to your favourite megadrive game, ‘Pure Blue’ scores the sunset credits of your favourite teen film.

Shopping – Straight Lines

Shopping are a trio from London. Recent talk about them surrounds their links to East London’s Gay scene and from there they’ve created second album singles that make you want to dance, make you talk and make you ask questions. Everything the punk adoring, new music craving youth needs right now I’d say.

Hunck – I’ll Wait

North London five piece have a new weapon in ‘I’ll Wait’ to lure you in. As if capes, cigarettes and moustaches weren’t enough. Where ‘Surf-Rock’ promises jangles and sunshine, HUNCK pour their last drops from the bottle and put out the sunshine in a reflective and gloomy number.

Wedding – Ruth

Thomas Craig will now be better known as Wedding. Born in Berlin and now taking residence in Manchester. His music has reached our pals at RIP Records and they’ve fallen for it so much that they’re going to release an EP. The EP will also be named ‘Ruth’. The title track paints blossom on our dull winter trees and it’s the perfect escape from the ‘wettest winter in years’ rumours you’re about to hear on the bus.

Swim Deep – Namaste

Swim Deep release their second album at the end of this month, and what an important album it is proving to be. The singles have batted away any former notions of a 90s B-Town fad and the band have created songs with depth and variance. ‘Namaste’ brings the fun to new album ‘Mothers’ and what’s more fun than Paul Daniels, Fred McPherson and a game show? NOTHING. Now press play.

INHEAVEN – Bitter Town

Now, here i’ve lied to you. INHEAVEN’s latest offering will not post on tumblr and therefore it’s not actually on The Journal, but it should be. ‘Bitter Town’ takes leaps from their first offering ‘Regeneration’ and discusses feeling alien within their plastic hometown. A cry for escape with an air of The Jesus and Mary Chain makes for a bloody good song.