Listen: Bingo Fury Shares ‘Underfall Yard’ from Upcoming Debut EP ‘Mercy’s Cut’

Continuing in their playful experimentation with the uncomfortable and uncanny, Bingo Fury’s latest track ‘Underfall Yard’ is imbued with unease. Lulling you into an apprehensive sense of security with hypnotic rhythms, the track falls into jarring and angular moments of distortion. The result is a claustrophobic and anxious exploration of the simultaneous need for engagement and deep-rooted desire to be left alone. 

The track oozes with a sticky sense of repulsion, playfully inverting romantic clichés with purposeful ambiguity. ‘Underfall Yard’ feels like two stories taking place simultaneously within each other. One is saturated with anxious paranoia while the other toys with lovey-dovey tropes. The line “I just can’t concentrate when you’re always happening” verges into the territory of romantic, but quickly tips in narrative from loving to suffocating when backed by the jarring instrumentation and looming suspense of the track.

The closing image leaves the listener with an uneasy sense of isolation. Forming the image of a friend, now missing, it lingers on the intrusive inability to escape your own mind. The final words “I don’t like to engage, but I can’t help but be there” is a grim yet accurate representation of the inability to escape your own overthinking, self-destructive self.  

Photo by Holly De Looze

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