Listen: Birmingham’s GANS Share New Track ‘Harry’s Tune’

After playing in other Birmingham bands for years, GANS is the result of lifelong friends, Euan Woodman and Thomas Rhodes, looking to push their own sonic boundaries.

The result is a sound that is heavy, raucous and, at times, bone-crunching, but with lyrics discussing some of the deepest challenges affecting our generation with a tenderness not often seen in this genre.

Their second single, ‘Harry’s Tune,’ showcases this duality – a self-described love song about suicide written over a driving drum beat and thunderous riff. ‘Harry’s Tune’ is a hair-raising rock song at face value, but as you tune into the lyrics you find real, raw pain: “I breathe in stale air from above a broken chair // And no longer feel the sun in the pit of cold despair.” 

The harrowing nature of these words is what moves this track from good to great. We all know someone who has been in a position like this and finding a way to express those emotions is essential. Through screaming so openly about walking in and saving their brother from suicide, GANS show a vulnerability that we could all use as we start 2024. Through community and supporting each other we can get it through the darkness. This year, please check in on how your mates are doing and listen to GANS; let out the feelings any way you can.

Photo by GANS

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