Listen: Black Country, New Road release ‘Athen’s, France’ via Speedy Wunderground

Black Country, New Road are intense, intimate, fragile, caustic, unfathomably witty and ultimately petrifying in their relevancy. ‘Athen’s, France’ is their first single, and is a six minute undiluted statement of impactful intent.

Isaac panics, barks and withers under the strain of his lyricism, all in under its six minute frame. Thematically it’s deeply hyper-modern, grittily detailed and is only exacerbated by his exasperated cries and heavy, prolonged breathing that courses through the track. It’s stunning in it’s immediate impact.

Their innate control over space and atmosphere only emboldens the sense of inescapable fear of modern intimacy. Guitars tremble and frantically distort new corners with each new phrase, before gentle, hopeful brass prays for redemption, leaving us to question whether there ever will be for any of us.


Pre Order the 7″ vinyl via Speedy Wunderground here.