Listen: black midi release ‘Talking Heads’

When black midi were first making waves within the London live scene, the sudden post of an NTS session online would show everyone just why the capital were going wild about this little known band, cementing them as one of the most talked about new groups of the year. Now signed to Rough Trade and with a new AA-single on the way, the encompassing track that made up the session and became such a live favourite has now suddenly appeared, once again perhaps at the most perfect time.

‘Talking Heads’ is black midi’s attempt at taking their broad experimentalism and concisely forming it into something, dare we say, accessible. Yet a straight up pop banger this is not, the manic intensity of their pinching guitars and the electric duality in the shared vocals of Geordie Greep and Cameron Picton ensures all the sharp, foreboding anxiety remains ingrained within.

Yet you can’t help but embrace the fact that this really is the most infectious thing the group have done yet. The way the “chorus” lifts into grandeur is euphoric in it’s definition, Greep barking as everything suddenly falls into a delightfully technical hook. This is black midi displaying pretty effortlessly that they aren’t going to be easy to pin, you can bet they had this planned from the start.

You can Pre Order the 12″ Vinyl (A: Crow’s Perch AA: Talking Heads) here We’ve added ‘Talking Heads’ to The So Young List on Spotify. You can find it here.

Header Photo by Anthrox Studio