Listen: black midi Share New Single ‘John L’ and Announce Album ‘Cavalcade’

It’s been two years since Black Midi released their debut ‘Schlagenheim’ and whilst the escapade has taken an untimely backseat, it’s to no audio-discretion that whilst we may have thought we were pretty in-tune with the sound of festered-discord cascading down our spines…we were wrong.

Sharing news of their sophomore offering ‘Cavalcade’ (out May 28th via Rough Trade Records), black midi return with lead single ‘John L’; a contemporary cult affair which drones like a hyper-hybrid mosquito trying to navigate the radical black-mass of a Barry Godber painting.

Where krauted-maverick meets the third-eye in a series of Morgan Simpson insight, ‘John L’, despite being a single trawl in a wider-net of baited breath, is a feral catch that’s not only matched, but distinctly exemplified when paired with visual accompaniment.

Directed by Nina McNeely (known for Rihanna’s “Sledgehammer”), ‘John L’s’ video is left to live-freely like the absurdist lovechild of The Claypool Delirium and Dr. Seuss’: ‘The Lorax’, on crack; an anarchic affair which utilises the addition of Jerskin Fendrix on violin to the nihilistic-nth degree and employs excruciatingly choreographed “jet black comedy”, as though it were child’s play.

Rattling psyche’s and promoting ungodly ideals like a soul-tight pair of low-rise jeans, this, is the making of a progressive holy matrimony and Black Midi, are the new-age amalgamation of a promised future still to come.

Image by Anthrox Studio

The new issue of So Young is out now. It’s sold out in print but you can read the digital edition below.