Watch: Blackaby announce debut EP with new single ‘What’s On The TV?’

Too often in life the fun gets weighed down by mundane uncertainty.

Granted, there are many a bullish birdsong reasoning to wake up in the morning with exceedingly low expectations of reality. Yet, every now and again – for whatever multi-dimension shifting miracle in which one happens to wake up on the blissfully right side to the big ol’ bed of life – reflected inspiration occurs. Those are remoulded days. Pocket their wide-eyed wonder and use them to stimulate song lyrics later.

 Whilst the notion of silliness might promote feelings of skin crawling nonsense for the everyday grown up, for London’s Blackaby, the muse of silly is everything and in his latest single ‘What’s On TV?’ – an introduction to his soon to be released EP of the same name – lyrical joyousness dances merrily beside satire-strung absurdities. All in a two-minute snatch of wonderfully wacky humanity. 

Tirelessly loveable, Blackaby has built an auspicious character, centering around harmoniously off-kilter pop in which this track is no exception. ‘What’s On The TV?’ is a redefined feel gooder. A perfectly timed distraction, to whatever one may need distracting from, it works because you want to believe that Blackaby can fix all bad moods. Be it deadpan deliverance or a whole array of melodrama involving passive-aggressive lemon chopping, it’s a slice of targeted realness from a dude who wears a suit to a skate park. 

In his own words: “It’s short, so you don’t get bored.” Perfect. 

Blackaby’s debut EP ‘What’s On The TV?’ is released 24th July via Hand In Hive.

Header Photo by Danny Grant

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