Listen: Blackaby Returns with New Single ‘Warm and Sweet’

As I write this on a cold winter’s day, where my hands are seemingly beginning to thaw and thus I’m struggling to even write this one sentence without incessant typos, I long for the summer. Thankfully, Blackaby have emerged with a time portal to transport each and every one of us into said season with their newest offering ‘Warm and Sweet’.

Blackaby’s latest gift to the world is sun-kissed goodness for frolicking on the sandy beaches or green-pasture park fields in searing temperatures. This delightful vitamin D inducing, ice cream-melter is a merry-go-round of joyous scuzzed-out indie-rock, laced in gorgeous fuzz-tinged beach-pop and blissful folk.

On the  track itself, Blackaby say; ‘The lyrics came about quite subconsciously with no purpose in mind. Maybe it’s about not knowing what path to take in life. It might be about food obsession and it might just be about slowly losing your hair. It could be about wanting to do it all ‘right’ and thinking about that too much. It might be about our obsession with youth and it’s probably just about watching daytime TV”.

So, get out your swimming gear and sun block and let Blackaby bring the sunny good times with their brilliantly balmy and saccharine smoocher, ‘Warm and Sweet’.

Photo by Jessica Batour