Listen: Blanketman share new single ‘Beach Body’

So all you bloody rapscallions that descended upon Bournemouth beach in your hordes in the height of lockdown, was it worth it?

Of course it was, we’re England! If you can’t go to Benidorm and tear it a new one while getting cataclysmically pissed and gifting the locals with your pre-packed St George Flags and chimes of ‘Forever Blowing Bubbles’, then where better to do it than on our own gracious land? We deserve a holiday, we’re ENGLAND.

Fear not though dear friends, with their new single ‘Beach Body’, Blanketman have delivered our anthem – a wistful terrace-chanter that not only channels all our incredulity at not being able to ruin another Spanish resort for 3 months of the year, but that it doesn’t matter where we are – we’re still from God’s great land of Blighty and lord don’t let anyone forget it.

Where their debut single ‘Taking You With Me’ was a sinewy dose of sardonicism – the Manchester group have alleviated all our righteousness and sorrow with this taut, bright track – a blaze of sunshine, ice creams and seagulls – everything where it should be. It’s as if we’re already in Costa Del England, pitching our flag in the warm sand and getting out the factor 50, god forbid our bald heads feel the brunt of it.


Header Photo by Through The Eyes of Ruby

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