Watch: Blanketman introduce themselves with ‘Taking You With Me’

Do you ever get the feeling that most bands and acts you listen to these days sound a bit monotonously serious?

Sure, our political situation as a country hasn’t been great for years, most people have been fucking worse off for a long time and now we have a global pandemic on our hands. So it sort of offers a little bit of sanity that there’s some out there attempting to be a little more lighthearted with their creativity – enter Blanketman.

‘Taking You With Me’ jests with the sort of off-kilter pop sardonicism that may not puncture the anxiety of their lyricism but playfully toys with their musicianship – wonky, pier-side synths riding spinning tea cups while fighting trill, funk-infused guitar, all in a very jovial, infectious manner. Yet all the while, Adam Hopper comes across a little more po-faced, overwhelmed by the future and determined to make the most of it while they can. It’s all provided with a dead-pan smirk, Hopper baulking in¬†acknowledgement of the fact this may be trying times for society, but if you can’t laugh about you’ll just cry.

An engaging group refreshingly privy to a little self-awareness, Blanketman shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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