Listen: Nottingham’s Blood Wizard Share ‘Carcrash’ via Moshi Moshi

Nottingham’s Blood Wizard (Cai Burns of Kagoule) shares ‘Carcrash’ ahead of his Moshi Moshi released debut album, ‘Western Spaghetti’- out March 5th.

In a pre-pandemic world of Tenerife and blissful banana-field’s, ‘Carcrash’ dips between narrative influences like a Wes Anderson daydream born on ‘Rosemary Lane’- a moon-risen quick-whit in which Blood Wizard is the macabre-donned protagonist of self-exploratory pluck.  

Roaming the coves of desire as a coming-of-age tinted alternative to a universally blindsided outlook on romance, ‘Carcrash’ channels “small arguments over long car journeys, and the many other weird ways in which love can express itself”.

Dreamily traversing sun-kissed melancholy like a Matt Correia portrait nestled inside a love-locket worn by a fanciful lone-ranger with highly aestheticised prospects, ‘Carcrash’ carries 2021 carat sentiment with timelessly etched craft and a solid band of folklore to suit.

Beauty may well be in the eye of the beholder but Blood Wizard damn well have a heart for observational attraction. ‘Carcrash’ is redemptive rock n roll for contemplative ‘Dust-Bunnies’, and thing’s don’t get much more white-vest and stylistically autonomic than when in the company of Blood Wizard.

The new issue of So Young is out now. Its sold out in print but you can read the digital edition below.