Listen: bloody/bath share new single ‘Arp-87’

The ending of a relationship, whether sudden or drawn out, will always in someway have an impact.

If it’s the case that it’s happened when you are isolated and alone – which will be the case for many during this pandemic – handling that is a whole different experience. Without the physical care and tangible connection that comes from loved ones through their support, the way you attempt to understand such feelings and unsureness is impacted – you are isolated in a whole different way.

This is the case for Kailan Price, the artist behind the evocative bloody/bath, who through their distinct new single ‘ARP-87’, delve into how vital keeping a mental focus has been to find a sense of comprehension in now being alone.¬†Through ghostly yet striking synthetics, Price is direct and unwavering – peering straight into you and sensing the familiar emotions. While the mood is sombre, the track oscillates with a comforting sense of nostalgia – a melodic embrace that dances with you in the dark. Yet despite it’s relatability, ‘Arp-87’ remains a stark examination of the self – battling with the memories of telling signs that only come to light now that things were heading south, while attempting to understand how to exist again in an independent world.

‘Arp-87’ gifts empathy in a world still recovering.

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