Listen: Blue Bendy Share New Single ‘Come On Baby, Dig!’ and Announce Album ‘So Medieval’

Another perfect morning listen arrives today from London’s Blue Bendy, as they take on January’s doom and gloom with ‘Come On Baby, Dig!’, urging you to sit and watch the rain fall from your lonesome bedroom window.

On a brighter note, dropping 12th April, the debut album ‘So Medieval’ via The state51 Conspiracy promises to capture all the musical peculiarities of the six-piece, whilst highlighting their honourable traits to stray from the mainstream. All the quirks that Blue Bendy have showcased from previous releases like ‘Cloudy’ and ‘Mr Bubblegum’, unanimously join hands to create a track list that’s far from one note.

In this latest single, ‘Come On Baby, Dig!’, the attitude appears significantly darker and moodier than what we’ve seen before. With grittier textures and simmered-down tones, this ode to a past self mourns for what once was, like a desperate attempt to get an old life back.

Singer and lyricist Arthur Nolan explains that “Dig is dedicated to an old flame and a city break. I was eat pray loving, digging around for some culture in the wake of breaking up. The wheels came off the trip quickly, and now I won’t go back to Bologna, I’m banned.”

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Photo by Michael Julings

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