Watch: South London DIY Pop Group Blue Bendy release single ‘Suspension’

Those who revelled in the fractured beauty of Blue Bendy’s debut, ‘Closing sound’ have good cause to be excited about their follow up. 

Released today via Too Old For This Records, ‘Suspension’ is a sonic treat that spoils its listener with layers upon layers of surprises. Opening with soft subtle guitar work and undulating synths, it suddenly kicks into action, adopting both the edgy grit of 80s Mancunian post punk and the kitchen sink drama of britpop. Frontman, Arthur Nolan’s half spoken vocal delivery is charmingly delivered through his gritted teeth smile, underscore melancholia and euphoria that coexist in the melodies. 

The accompanying video visually realises the tracks contrasting moods, following the band as they trek through the vast, winding countryside to arrive at large family home, complete with all the comfortable middle class trimmings. While the images of nature are genuinely beauty – green and rich and bountiful, the sort of thing you’d see in a Bronte Novel – the interior shots allude to the suffocating mendacity of suburban living, played out comically by the shot of a guy happily hoovering the landing, like it’s the highlight of his day. Although reminiscent of a tongue in cheek play for today, it acts first and foremost as a meditation on isolation. The man who walks about the house at the beginning of the video, in his blue shirt and smart trousers, his perspective merging with the camera’s is so ordinary you forget he’s even there, alluding to a feeling of invisibility. It is moments like this, that make you look back at the pensive bridge with a whole new depth of meaning. Behind the sharp precision of the rhythm section, the laid back languid guitars and Nolan’s cool delivery there lies a raw emotional centre which makes the track all the more excellent.

We’ve added ‘Suspension’ to The So Young List on Spotify which you can find here.

Header photo by Rhiannon Harper