Watch: Blueprint Blue release new single ‘An-D’ from their upcoming debut album

Blueprint Blue, with consideration and enthusiasm, have slowly but surely found their desired sound. Coming together as a four-piece, the group have spent four years tinkering and toying with their ideas, always wearing their inspirations on their sleeve.

Now, with the longing to craft a more melodically captivating proposition, the band have arrived at their first full-length album ‘Tourist’, a record that explores love, the future and the way in which they will impact on each other as time goes by. Alongside the emergence of their debut, the group have shared ‘An-D’, a nonchalant and quietly captivating first single that captures the very essence of the group’s understanding of the world.

‘An-D’ succinctly channels the band’s penchant for poppier, more harmonic songwriting – lilting synths and gently traipsing guitars form the foundation for the bands direct and yearning vocals, gushing and romantic. Pursuing the futuristic yet scarily tangible notion of falling in love with a custom-designed android made just for you, the way the group weave between the very present and the future thematically is almost seamless, making for an empathetic and pertinent listen. ‘An-D’ forms the heart of ‘Tourist’, a record that is determined to soften the standard nostalgic conventions of pop songwriting whilst still crafting something timeless and compelling.

Tourist¬†is available from 26th April through the band’s own Toadspin Records, and can pre-ordered today¬†here. Watch the video for ‘An-D’ below.


Header photo by Clare Shilland