Listen: Bo Gritz Share Single ‘RUT’ from Upcoming Debut Album ‘Chroma’

As the juggernaut that is Bo Gritz version 2.0 hurtles ever faster towards the release of their debut album (entitled ‘Chroma’ and due on June 9th), the band have unleashed the final teaser in the form of album opener ‘RUT’.

A snarling animal from the get-go. The opening lines “No words. No requests. It’s started.” unleashed by vocalist and guitarist Finn Holland let you know what to expect. This is going to be an experience but done on their terms. Time to lock yourself in.

What ensues is an all-round assault on the eardrums, in the best kind of way. The hammering basslines, industrial drums and all the electronic distortions harmonise into a primal awakening. Combined with the visceral vocals, Bo Gritz’s sound is invigorating and cathartic; they distil anger into 3 minutes of release that leaves you feeling lighter. It’s therapy for the time-poor. One can only imagine how much better you’ll feel after the full 30-minute album.

The band seem to take pleasure in taking our struggles and smashing them with a hammer, even if this does end up wrecking their own instruments as mere collateral. 

Describing their process Holland says “I believe there should be a struggle with one’s instrument or medium; I don’t really like it when people look as if they’re having too much fun. Life is a struggle. It’s not a cruise, is it?”

If they’re happy to keep struggling on for us, I for one will be more than happy to keep shaking it out to their destructive sounds. Bring on ‘Chroma’.

Photo by Gareth Thomas

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