Listen: London’s BOSS share new single ‘Salome’

BOSS are the haphazardly charming coalescence of  ‘word-of-mouth’, brimming out from within the crevassed-chaos of a gap-toothed smile.  

An attention seeking bridge between the alternative-abyss of ‘6 Feet Below The Moon’ and a number of fully grounded self-releases, their latest single ‘Salome’ is a ceramic growler filled with sonically Cephalopod ink; a self-regurgitating thing of beauty, like stewed plumb staining the serenity of a white linen placemat you thought could handle the heat until you set-fire to its front with a naturally bruise-y complex.

As each and every levy of this South-East London trio’s anti-structural architect cements itself impermeable, their infinitely lucid nightmare of contemporary-cacophony, and quasi-Biblical anarchy run’s havoc and entirely unconfined. 

This is neither a disillusioned think-piece nor romanticised ‘Wilde’ but BOSS. An endless iteration of re-assembled sounds and ideas, take what you will from the discord but rest unassured that when desire strikes  ‘Salome’ executes perfectly.

Artwork by J.G. Marshall

The brand new issue of So Young is out now with Goat Girl on the cover. It’s SOLD OUT in print but you can read the digital edition below.