Listen: Brian Destiny Shares New Track ‘Is It Gonna Be Love?’ via Dash The Henge

Another branch of the Fat White tree has grown longer and praise be the seeds that have sprung. Today marks the release of the long awaited new material from Brian Destiny aka Nathan Saoudi – keys player and staple songwriter in Fat White Family. Premiering on So Young, perhaps Brian will help you find your destiny with his new video released via Dash The Henge –  the new FWF backed label and multimedial, creator-led digital platform providing a space for the expression of counter cultural musicians, including fellow South London noisemakers SCUD FM

‘Is It Gonna Be Love?’ – a question we repeatedly ask ourselves in the mirror, surrounded by a blurry world of post-lockdown socialisation. Brian asks himself the same, frustrating question in his new track and video – a broken trail of handwritten love letters and maps leading to an elusive park meet up. The track itself is a sultry and mesmerising electro-infused search for this evasive ‘love’, set to the cinematic backing of intricate string orchestration and booming production. This new material has provided deeper insight into the life of Brian, yet only brother in life and arms, Lias Saoudi can elaborate further:  

Brian Destiny is a seeker. Brian Destiny is truth. Brian Destiny has nothing left to sacrifice. Having spent a decade anchoring the Fat White Family on keys – co-writing the bands most popular tunes/stopping Saul Adamczewski and Lias Saoudi from stabbing each other – Nathan Saoudi AKA Brian Destiny, is finally ready to step out from the shadows and launch his own personally curated assault on the culture.

Having recently recovered from a lengthy, serious gambling addiction Brian Destiny finally wearied of betraying his talent, himself and the rest of the world and began laying down the first of what would eventually grow into a collection of EPs and a forthcoming album, the first of which Brian’s Got Talent is out January 2022. An outsider artist spiritually incapable of groupthink, Brian Destiny is what happens when you take an obsession with Marvin Gaye, The Ramones, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and an unhealthy fixation on the life and trials of Napoleon Bonaparte and smash them together at the back of a Ladbrokes in Sheffield on a never-ending Tuesday afternoon.Brian Destiny has no time for your doom mongering. He knows too well our only salvation at this point is dedication and asks one simple, timeless question…is it gonna be love?’

As you wait for ‘Brian’s Got Talent,’ the debut EP out on Dash The Henge in January 2022, catch Brian Destiny along with SCUD FM & Merlin Nova at Venue MOT on Wednesday 13th October. Tickets on DICE.

Photo by Lou Smith

The new issue of So Young is out now featuring Amyl and The Sniffers, Orlando Weeks, Lazarus Kane, Modern Woman and more. Order your copy here, or read the digital edition below.