Listen: Brighton’s ELLiS·D share’s the restless ‘Humdrum’ via Crafting Room Recordings

Twitching like an insatiable urge that just won’t subside – no matter how hard you struggle; no matter what remedies, creams, or ointments or remedies you vaingloriously apply – the new fizzer from ELLiS·D rumbles blindly onwards with anxious foreboding, aiming for no particular direction except ‘ahead’.

Like being pushed downhill on a bicycle towards a pit of venomous snakes, only to realise that the breaks have been cruelly sabotaged, ‘Humdrum’ lives as one knotted ball of fiery angst that unspools itself across this three-minute electric rumble of spooky, glam-tinged new wave chic. “Take a moment to relax”, our singer so unhelpfully advises amidst the frantic headrush of it all.

The brainchild of Brighton musician Ellis Dickson and his ever rotating ensemble of musicians – fun fact: he’s supported the actual Razorlight – ELLiS·D shares yet shining offering from that glorious south coast city and its relentlessly prolific musical charms.

Photo by Freddie Willatt

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