Listen: Brighton’s Flip Top Head Share New Single ‘Alfred Street’

Brighton “Orchestral Cult Rockers” Flip Top Head share darkly propulsive new single ‘Alfred Street’ via Blitzcat Records.

Written in about 40 minutes at the end of a rehearsal, just in time for guitarist Harry to catch his train – so the story goes – ‘Alfred Street’, in turn, jags itself forward with this decisive urgency, pregnant with that dystopian feeling of there being far too much to express, and far too little time in which to express it.

Bustling and hustling through its three-and-a-bit minutes, ‘Alfred Street’ is densely packed and rich with flavour. There’s trombones sliding through dimensions, organs crawling up your back like fire ants; sparkling post-punk angularities giving way to expansive post-rock breakdowns, spoken word sensualities and soaring vocal exquisiteness.

With their seven-piece line-up more than captured in the music’s thick, manic textures –  and by multiple lead vocalists too –  Flip Top Head resemble a two-tone band that’s been gripped by a fever of existential bleakness and glass-shard guitars; a foot-stomping, horn-parping revelry with a suspicious look over its shoulder.

Photo by Katie Foxley

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