Listen: Brighton’s Happy2000 Share Sardonic New Single ‘Behind Closed Doors’

Boisterous and sardonic, ‘Behind Closed Doors’ is the latest single from Brighton-based quintet, Happy2000. 

‘Behind Closed Doors’ delves into the idea of public versus private personas – namely, those of your “typical pub geezer”. The band concisely explain this as the difference between “the nice, average bloke” and “the feral beast”. The track reflects this dichotomy in its own anatomy, as it can be divvied into two clear parts: its opening (the nice, average bloke), and its closing (the feral beast).

Trudging into view, the opening of ‘Behind Closed Doors’ reveals itself limb by limb, with yomping drums lifting the short and sweet guitar riff above the surface. It’s rowdy, but harmless. Pierced by an echoing and severely stern vocal. When it falls into its chorus, it wanes like a heavy sigh and sits low in its register like a slurred terrace chant. Unrestrained in some ways, but familiar in others, the most predictable finale never comes. Instead, it perverts and skews amidst the desperate confrontation, “do you know who I am? do you know who I fucking am?”

The closing stretch enters slowly, and then bubbles over like a tantrum; in a quick change of pace marked by sharper bedrock and acidic guitar wails. It clashes into its finish in a cloud of relentless bangs and distorted cries- a discordant and truly brute ending to a track that could, at first glance, be assumed to be “nice”. 

Photo by Willow Shields

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