Listen: Brighton’s KEG Share Debut Single ‘Heyshaw’ via Alcopop! Records

Singapore! Malaysia! Kuwait! Berlin! No, this isn’t our travel bucket list, but a selection of the locations that KEG’s new tour-de-force ‘Heyshaw’ will take you round.    

Released via Alcopop! Records – an independent label that prides itself on unconventional release formats (Scarves, Frisbees and bespoke Watches to name a few) – ‘Heyshaw’ holds a similar tactile element, infecting every bone in your body with whacking drums and gritty guitar licks operating from the outset as a chunky unit.

‘Jackie took a trip back East smelling like old patchouli.’ Who is Jackie and where can I source some old patchouli? What are Judy, Anne and Jeanie doing now? Did Rick return to his job fixing planes? These are just some of the questions that emerge from this chugging track whose relentless chords and escalating brass capture the carbon footprint of the many planes this motley crew boarded to travel the world. 

Constituting KEG’s first release on the worldwide interweb, it’s set the bar high. Laden with sci-fi synths that hold together the minor riffs, whimsy lyrics and brief tempo changes, this two-minute track provides a tantalising sample of what’s to come from the self-professed ‘7-piece barrage’If this studio track is anything to go by, the raucous energy of KEG’s live gigs must be immense. Luckily, you can catch the band at a host of the UK’s favourite independent venues and festivals over the next few months to see for yourself. The band may not have travelled as far as Jackie, but wait a little longer and they’ll have surpassed her in no time. In the meantime, someone call the ‘Heyshaw’ town council because they might experience increased footfall very soon.

Photo by Katie Allen

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