Listen: Brighton’s Lime Garden Share New Single ‘Clockwork’

Following on from the success of previous offerings ‘Pulp’ and ‘Sick & Tired’, Brighton’s Lime Garden share their latest single ‘Clockwork’. 

There is absolutely nothing linear about growing up. With our favoured foot forward we chase the cyclical clunk of youth-fuelled radiance and fluorescent adolescence round, and round again until something either clicks, or the mindset runs its course. It is, “like Clockwork” but where do we draw the line between wistful-thinking and developed-cynicism before it all merges into an over-matured mess?

Tapping into the psyche of routinely teased unrestrain, like a revolving door that’s not quite worked out how to set its captives free, Lime Garden’s ‘Clockwork’ is an arresting anthem for the unsettled, thematically-begrudged and lovers of sentimental bewilderment. 

A self-responsive haunt reminiscent of the timeless realities presented in Sorry’s ‘925’, ‘Clockwork’ synchs to the beating heart of existentiality in manners that cling characteristically harder than your average day-to-day angst; play it cool or freak the fuck out- there’s no right or wrong, no one-stop-fix, just the ever-looming fear of clockwork continuity, and persevering avoidance of all things mundane.

Challenging preconceptions at every conceptual pit-stop, there’s something seamlessly omniscient about lead-vocalist Chloe Howard that hits just right. Intrinsically self-aware yet performatively disconnected, drooled yet out-cried and harmoniously disruptive, Howard plays with parallels like a semi-detached puppet master in a disengaged showcase of the ‘real-world-meets-finding-Neverland’.

With just five tracks to their name, Lime Garden are rapidly rising masters of cognately curated danceability and, despite all thematic connotations, it’s a total joy to witness unfurl. 

Photo by Holly Whitaker

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