Listen: Brighton’s Lime Garden Share New Single ‘Nepotism (baby)’

New single ‘Nepotism (baby)’ is the latest in a long string of hook-laden releases, and the first to hint at a confirmed longer project due early next year. 

For a few years now, Lime Garden have given reason for music lovers in their native Brighton and beyond to be Very Excited Indeed. The antithesis to dour, overly earnest indie bands, these four have an inherent sense of fun: take the wonk-pop percussion of ‘Sick & Tired’, or the disco-indebted bassline of ‘Pulp’. 

And far from being an admission of guilt, ‘Nepotism (baby)’ is simply a continuation of Lime Garden’s dancefloor-filling discography. Grungy guitars envelop a woozy bridge, while the song’s subject matter is wryly addressed by the lyrical smirk of the lines “To be the it girl is to be it / and that’s what I plan to do / to have a face like an angel / with enough money to do whatever the fuck it is they do”. 

Of the track, vocalist and guitarist Chloe Howard explains that “‘Nepotism (baby)’ was written as a commentary on modern society, imagining my life as if I was someone born into fame. Writing the track gave me the feeling of being a teengager again, writing songs in my bedroom using three chords or less. The sound of this song pays homage to the beginnings of this band as four angsty teens who love guitars”. 

Lime Garden feature on the cover of Issue Forty-One (Dec 2022) and you can pick up a copy here.

Photo by Kalisha Quinlan

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