Listen: Brighton’s Porchlight Share Debut Single ‘Drywall’ via Only Mellor Records

Newcomers Porchlight share their debut single ‘Drywall’ via Brighton’s Only Mellor records.

Despite having just one cruiser to their name so far, Porchlight appear to be a group who have their shit together- or at least, they’re a bunch of musicians with a clear-cut sense of collaboratively accumulated direction.

Capturing an essence of essential traverse which is neither here nor figuratively there, but somewhere altogether alternative, ‘Dry Wall’ is a headfirst dive into an intimately collisional creative space, and Porchlight are the frenzied creatures of their own making.

A euphoric out-roar with Krule-esq diction, a heart full of “willowed countryside” and lilted sparkle championed by the likes of Melbourne’s Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, ‘Drywall’ is a genre-curving bite out of a rather satiating fruit of bejewelled reminiscence.

This is without a doubt, a group to watch out for.

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