Listen: Brighton’s Shady Baby Sign to Nice Swan and Share ‘Come To Life’

Fast and free-spirited, ‘Come To Life’ is the introductory single from Brighton-based band, Shady Baby. Shady Baby is Nice Swan Records’ latest signing and their new single stays true to the label’s high energy reputation.

Shady Baby began during the height of lockdown when the band’s vocalist, Sam Leavers, started making music in his bedroom. Since then, Shady Baby has developed into a full four-piece band and built a relationship with the Brighton-based producer, Theo Verney, out of which ‘Come To Life’ was born.

Leaver describes the track as an “angry response to feeling like people treated you like shit but you let them get away with it. Feeling both angry at them but also at yourself for letting it happen”. The track delivers this frustration from the jump with its no nonsense dive into a quick paced verse. It comes through more like a young angst rather than rage, with heavy yet uplifting musicality, and lyrics that ponder the unknown and explore anxieties, this track is inherently youthful.

With a pulsating drum beat and bass riff, the foundations are quickly laid for Leaver to effortlessly deliver a catchy-pop chorus. Beside the rounded pronunciation of Leaver sits a sharp guitar riff that relays a fun and high-energy melody. ‘Come To Life’ is, at its heart, a coming of age track, it emits this loose and reckless energy that follows what it is to feel both carefree and tied down.

Issue Thirty-Seven is out now Ft. Porridge Radio, Crows, Folly Group, The Dinner Party, Automatic, Gently Tender, headboy and more. Buy in print here. Read the digital edition below.