Listen: Brighton’s Van Zon Share Debut Single ‘Cannon Fodder’

Brighton quintet, Van Zon announce themselves with an epic 8-minute post-rock folk hybrid.

Having only formed in June 2023, Van Zon have already felt a quick rise to early success as their weepy strings supported by the grand instrumentation caught the eyes and ears of DEADLETTER and The New Eves who have already given the band support slots. More recently, the band have been shortlisted for the Green Man Rising competition along the likes of The Orchestra (For Now), Skydaddy and Ladylike.

‘Cannon Fodder’ is a track that thrives off your patience as the piece builds around you- taking elements from each instrument to further mould the characteristics and personality of Van Zon. Mina Mae Alexander’s Violin compliments a suitably artistic vocal performance from Charlie West. On the release, Van Zon say “Cannon Fodder represents our first year as a fully-formed band. It serves as a musical collage of each member of the group, taking all aspects of our influences and enabling them to co-exist. The lyricism concludes a narrative that stretches throughout the Van Zon discography; we’re beginning at the end.”

Photo by Brooke Edwards

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