Watch: Bristol’s Lazarus Kane Share New Single ‘Milk At My Door’ and Announce Debut EP

A strut away from previous incarnations, Bristol based joy-connoisseurs Lazarus Kane share not only their latest single ‘Milk At My Door’, but also news of their debut EP, ‘Psychobabble’.

The idea of transformation is one as old as the dawn of time itself. In the cult-favourite film Grease, the scene in which Sandy steps out as a pleather-donned goddess, is an instant iconographic classic which proves as a species, we’re obsessed with unexpected change.  

Whilst perhaps a slight comparative stretch to Olivia Newton-John’s jumpsuit phase, Lazarus Kane’s ‘Milk At My Door’ is without question another prime example of conceptual-metamorphosis. For Lazarus Kane and his band of disco-do-gooder’s, the need to “rip everything up and start again” was an essential step in their post-lockdown creative process; and what a process it was.

‘Milk At My Door’ is delightfully distinguishable to Lazarus Kane gone-by, yet there’s no denying it’s self- examining sense of renewal. Taking inspiration from Eno and then going on to turn ‘Flesh and Blood’ into milk, this snappy hit is instrumentally itchy, surreally relatable, and has one of the purest, most inanimately associative choruses this side of the 80’s; one which’ll inevitably pop up in your head at any given moment and linger for days on end. 

Despite all odds, it would be too soon to assume that Lazarus Kane’s days-in-to-dusk spent ‘Night walking’, Night Clubbing, and tongue-in-cheek showmanship, are but a distant star in the larger sphere of stellar substance. This is the very kind of contemporary No-Wave you may wish to walk your dog to, as the rhythmic chug goes hand-in-hand, with head nodding, tail wagging, and general prancing duties.

Yes, the themes tackled here remain existential, the tone has ever so slightly become more serious, and without question, the schtick has been dropped. However ultimately, life’s too short to lose all sense of  humour and when the opportunity for some soul-liberating absurdity arises, thank fuck we have Lazarus Kane in our lives again.

Pre Order ‘Psychobabble’ here.

Photo by Seren Carys

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