Listen: Bristol’s MOULD Return with New Single ‘Glow’ and Announce Debut EP

While they might be slowly becoming known as one of Bristol’s grittiest musical offerings, post-hardcore trio MOULD return with a slightly more subdued new single in ‘Glow’.

Coming alongside news of their self-titled debut EP and following their previous two raucous tracks in ‘Birdsong’ and ‘Cables’, this latest offering begins at a lilting pace, with a melodic bassline forming the backbone for the track.

The trademark yelps of vocalist Joe Sherrin are nowhere to be heard at first and get substituted for the gentler tones of bassist Kane Eagle, with the track adopting a sound more akin to the likes of Modest Mouse or Polvo than their usual acerbic Fugazi-esque nature. It doesn’t mean that it lacks the same bite that their last two singles had, however, as the gradual build towards the middle section suggests there’s a burst of energy desperately trying to worm its way out into the open.

This all boils down to the frenetic final minute where group chants of “who’s reticent now, coward’, are shouted atop a wall of guitars, relieving the tension the track appeared so desperate to let go of. It’s here that we’re treated to the MOULD we’ve previously been introduced to, and the same trio that know how to put on a boisterous live display.

That said, there’s plenty going on to suggest that the group are equally comfortable writing something that slowly creeps into becoming cathartic as opposed to providing an onslaught of noise from the getgo, and while it may not have the same vigour present throughout, it shows off the band’s chops in terms of producing emotive songwriting and lyrics that have a distinct poetic influence.

With one more track of the forthcoming EP yet to be unveiled, it’s evident that whichever direction it takes, MOULD are going to pack a punch with this first outing.

Photo by Aled Eden-Smith

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