Listen: Brixton’s RY-GUY Shares New Single ‘Nosedive’ from Upcoming EP

With a summer of love upon us, ‘tis the season for dusting off the cobwebs of your 60’s psychedelic vinyl collection to really get in the mood. If no such collection exits, fear not, as South London’s RY-GUY has returned to breathe new life into the genre with his latest single, ‘NOSEDIVE’.

An ethereal swirl of galactic synths, the track finds itself transcendent in RY-GUY’s starry-eyed imagination. Echoed in the warm glow of his lo-fi vocals, the singer will lull you into submission as his tale of woe unfolds. With the sky falling and meteors headed straight for planet Earth, you’ll be in a trance of blissful ignorance as doomsday finally sets in.

As the soundscape reaches its world-shattering climax, jagged-edged guitars cascade off the walls of impending percussion. Disturbing in content yet inviting in nature, the song is best served wearing 3D glasses staring into a solar eclipse. Failing that, think kaleidoscopes, stars on the ceiling and some light hallucinogenics.

A sumptuous taste of what’s to come, ‘NOSEDIVE’ marks the first chapter of RY-GUY’s exploration into the sonic unknown. With the forthcoming release of his debut EP, ‘As The Light Leaks’, your psych-rock playlist for summertime is looking up.

Photo by Lydia Dique

The ‘As The Light Leaks’ EP will be released on 27th July 2023.

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