Listen: Brooklyn Based Malice K Shares New Single ‘PHD’ via Jagjaguwar

Today, Brooklyn-based artist Malice K has announced his signing to Jagjaguwar and released his latest single, ‘PHD’. 

Malice K, Washington-born but now New York-based, has just released his newest single ‘PHD’. Malice K’s creative roots can be traced back to his involvement in Deathproof Inc, the Los Angeles artist collective and indie record label, an involvement that most likely kicked off the culmination of his cult following.

Considering the importance of visual art in a social-media-based creative world, Malice K’s Jacob Lazowick-directed music video is the perfect accompaniment to ‘PHD’. Surreal, high energy, and ridiculous at times, the entire video is shot through a fisheye lens as it follows a tormented Malice K through dreamlike visuals. 

Co-produced by Strange Ranger’s Isaac Eiger, ‘PHD’ plays around with elements of stripped-back indie-pop, but with grungey tints and an Elliott Smith-esque vocal, it’s hardly strait-laced. Instead, ‘PHD’ seems to show that Malice K is adept at creating, so much so that he can now turn it around, flip it inside out, and put it all back together again into a tongue-in-cheek catchy pop banger – a confidence that gives him room to have fun with it all.

Photo by Alex Hall

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