Listen: Brooklyn’s OMAT Share Debut Single ‘Daisy’

Brooklyn’s OMAT Share Debut Single ‘Daisy’.

There’s something different about a band from New York. It’s not even the expectation that comes with being from a city home to some of the most iconic and scene-defining bands of all time. Neither is it a specific sound. There’s just something different. Something that sits underneath the sound of a New York guitar band. An instant, unmistakable essence of NY.

Brooklyn’s OMAT are dripping with this je ne sais quoi. A band that sound so effortlessly cool and themselves. Shrugging off any hype that comes with being the latest NYC buzz band with infectious ease and nonchalance.

All of this can be ascertained from their debut single, ‘Daisy’. In fact, simply from the first 4 seconds of its low-key riff, you know they’ve got it. As Dharma Ramirez’ vocals kick in you’re already deep in a hole, fascinated with their sound. They’re unique brand of post-punk is visceral, raw and to the point, without being overly in your face. Its crafts itself into a perfect niche.

If you’re anything like me, once you’ve heard ‘Daisy’ you’ll spend the next hour watching live videos of them in Brooklyn venues, refreshing their Instagram and praying they’ll tour the UK soon. God Bless America.

Photo by Lauren Massie

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