Listen: Brooklyn’s YHWH Nailgun Share New Single ‘Castrato Raw (Fullback)’

Dredging up post-punk experiments from the New York underground, YHWH Nailgun dazzle and disrupt with new single ‘Castrato Raw (Fullback)’.

Touring with black midi earlier this summer, and getting themselves pumped to warm up Geese’s crowds this fall – Brooklyn four-piece follow-up 2022’s impassioned and imperiled debut EP ‘No Midwife and I Midflap’ with the streamlined frenzies of ‘Castrato Raw (Fullback)’.

Raging and rampaging like a squashed, succinct epic poem – ‘Castrato Raw (Fullback)’ offers one band’s battle march against monstrous elements – a psychological skirmish against the furious fires and raging winds that descend from the depraved edges of imagination. 

With its dry production, crumpled vocals, and tautly warped, whip-cracking guitar/synth particles, this brief 2 minute adventure intensifies and relieves beyond the possibilities of its humble components. It’s as if all this band’s enormous masses of invention have been crammed into a suitcase hardly big enough to contain its ambition – and all that’s been able to squeeze itself out into the open are the most purified, quintessential ounces of the freshest punk experiment.

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