Listen: Bug Teeth Share New Single ‘Ice-9’ and Announced a New EP

Bug Teeth have released their Vonnegut-imbued single, ‘Ice-9’, announced their upcoming EP and proven exactly why they’re a band you need to hear.

‘Ice-9’ invites you into Bug Teeth’s artistic world in all its surreal, strange and enchanting glory. Panicked percussion layered with luscious ambience creates a sense of otherworldliness, imagining a whole musical space to get lost in.

With a rich pool of ambient synthesisers which whirl and sparkle, the jangled guitar-work fills the mix up alongside PJ’s melodic vocal expanse. There’s such a full and rich beauty to ‘Ice-9’. Breakbeat percussion from drummer, Sonny Mitchell assertively drives the music forwards, creating a playground for the vocals and synths to sonically explore. Blending all sorts of musical genres from Krautrock to DnB and Dream-pop, It’s dazzling, forceful and most importantly, fresh.

It’s a song about a dream and its sound fits that theme perfectly. You’re left reading between the lyrical lines, not guessing, but feeling. It’s a solid reentry after a while from releasing anything.

As a debut release for the four new additions to the band, It really shows off the new five-piece’s potential as spellbinding songwriters. Bug Teeth are worth keeping a close eye on, especially with more Vonnegut content due on their upcoming EP ‘Lucky Me, Lucky Mud’.

Photo by Rosie Heard-Edwards

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