Listen: Bug Teeth Share New Single ‘Landscaping’

Leeds’ Bug Teeth return with new single ‘Landscaping’ via Come Play With Me / EMI North

Like a gang of fairies that have chanced upon the guitar pedals and experimental rhythms lurking at the bottom of their garden, Bug Teeth scamper across electric currents and soar through the iridescent atmospheric tides with ever-more unbound appetites for adventure. 

Within its otherworldly landscape of exquisite dream-pop magic, new single ‘Landscape’ builds a fantastical 6-minute paradise of relentless breakbeats and sweeping keyboards; swirling guitars and flute enchantments. Split into two parts, PJ Johnson’s vocals pierce through the firmament as the song reaches its euphoric climax; the experience of ‘landscaping’ is like burrowing deep into a rainforest until finally uncovering the supreme majesty of an untouched ancient wonder, and all breath is swiftly taken away.

For a song that’s stricken by the shock of grief, that’s been dredged up from the harrowing pits of sadness, what Bug Teeth have ultimately blessed us with is a voyaging and epic transcendence – packed to hilt with the bounties of life and all it’s absurd, fucked-up, urgent beauties.

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Photo by Georgia Zimmerman

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