Listen: BUGS share debut single ‘Nick Gowland’

You know how in every social group there’s that one moron who just doesn’t seem to have any filter whatsoever?

The kind that picks and slimes and then, when faced with deducting the elephant in the room, the joy-blocking loser who WILL NOT back off tells us: “ah well if you can’t pin-point the issue then chances are it could be you…”

That is not how life works with ‘Nick Gowland’.

We know exactly who this bullying bruiser is. Even if he’s technically not a real dude we’re onto him or at least, BUGS are on the fighting case and that’s really the only unified call-out anyone needs to help rest easy.

A dangerous game of scrappy defiance, like risking cred’ by walking out on a game of spin the bottle because you can’t be fucked with these phonies, Nick Gowland schemes with satisfying rage for the under-dogged masses and it’s about damn time we had a new anthem.

Tipping close enough to the edge for this to count as an unsettling breath catcher, but never losing the decisive control that comes with being a stand together four-piece who won’t take trash from nobody, this is post-adolescence at its fired up finest. 

Pack your bags pal and get the hell out of here; there’s no room for you in this group.

‘Nick Gowland’ is out now via Sad Club Records. 

Header Photo by Jody Evans