Listen: Cardiff’s The Family Battenberg Share New Single ‘Rocket Dustbin’

The Family Battenberg have finally released the rapid ‘Rocket Dustbin’, a fan favourite and staple of their heated live shows. The single exemplifies the quartet’s playful attitude to psych rock, a genre which can sometimes fall into pensive awkwardness when taken too seriously. 

Shamanic verses reverberate around the Welsh valleys as the group pay respects to their musical ancestors, backed by thundering drums and bolts of crunchy guitar. Whilst there’s no presence of a definitive riff, the bands accompaniment to the vocal hook sticks in your head like an acid flashback; a shape which jumps out at the peak of the song, ready to snatch your ego away from you.

No strangers to the live circuit and already building up a strong catalogue of releases, the Cardiff rockers have proved themselves worthy of our devotion. Yet, where some bands navel gaze into introspective guff, ‘Rocket Dustbin’s wide eyed omniscience proves The Family Battenberg’s ability to use past techniques to reach refreshing new highs.

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