Listen: Cardinals Share New Track ‘If I Could Make You Care’ and Announce Debut EP

Gently sailing out of the banks of the River Lee, Cork’s Cardinals dearly hold with them their newest single, ‘If I Could Make You Care’.

‘If I Could Make You Care’ dances above the Celtic Sea with a slow-picked guitar. Delicate, brooding, and solemn, it expresses the heartbreaking resentments of love, joined by the soft bellows of Finn Manning’s accordion. There, however, lies a strong undercurrent of desire and betrayal that threatens to erode away at the single’s fragile facade of composure.

Aaron Hurley’s walking bassline and Darragh Manning’s drums hold everything tightly together; the current grows heavier until the vocals break and crack under the weight of Kieran Hurley and Oskar Gudinovic’s guitars, as they explode with screaming wails of feedback. What sets off with all the essence of a delicate slow burn, floats along until it reaches the harrowing waterfalls of the edge of the world, and everything falls away.

Frontman Euan Manning notes, “It was co-written between myself and Oskar, and we worked away at it quietly until it became something special between us. The arrangement with the band brought drama and scale; it grew into something bigger than we expected. It was a great relief to write the song like we had come to the end of some part of our lives.”

Having stumbled straight out of a Lou Reed convention, the Cardinals are filled with so much promise and destined for greatness. Their unique blend of Irish folk and 90s guitars is a mixing pot of influences, all living together within the walls of the Chelsea Hotel. The tender strains of ‘I Could Make You Care’—its title, admittedly stolen from Sinatra’s ‘I Could Make You Care’—serve as a precursor to their debut, self-titled EP that eagerly waits just beyond the horizon.

The Cardinals EP is out June 7th and available to pre order here.

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Photo by Emilyn Cardona

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