by 11 May 2022

Interview: Meet Illustrator Tania Yakunova

Prephase On the morning of February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine with airstrikes all over the country. Me and my family like many other Ukrainians were forced to leave our homes in Kyiv and became refugees. My life changes dramatically overnight….

by 20 Apr 2022

Interview: Meet Illustrator Elena Boils

Born in Mexico, Elena Boils graduated from Falmouth University in 2012 and has been working freelance ever since, splitting her time between Mexico and London. We’re big fans at So Young and caught up with Elena to talk about her…

by 04 Mar 2022

Interview: Meet Experimental Artist Ramon Keimig

Ramon Keimig is an artist with strong roots in DIY culture. Constantly switching between analogue and digital means of creating, Ramon’s work is “dedicated to the field of visual experimentation, self-sampling, and exploring the limits of the artist’s own formal…