by 06 Dec 2016

Uncategorised: Goat Girl – Scum

Labelled as leaders of the scene, it seems only fair that Goat Girl sit down their South London peers and shove food down their throats. Second offering ‘Scum’ gets the video treatment with a peculiar approach. Filmed by Holly Whitaker,…

by 30 Nov 2016

Uncategorised: Album Of The Month: Savoy Motel

Savoy Motel scrapped nearly three albums worth of material before bringing together the collection we see now: a testament to the nuanced finesse of the eventual self-titled debut from the Nashville, Tennessee based quartet. In terms of songwriting, Savoy Motel…

by 25 Nov 2016

Uncategorised: Illustrator: Jim Stoten

We’ve been trying to collaborate with one of our favourite illustrators, Jim Stoten, since we started So Young three years ago and after getting close a couple of times we’ve finally come up with the perfect way to bring our…

by 31 Oct 2016

Uncategorised: Album of the Month: The Lemon Twigs

If you’ve walked down Shoreditch’s Commercial Street in the last week, you’ll have come across a new addition. A huge billboard, featuring two powdered and preening faces, dressed like the bastard children of a regency-aristocrat and some forgotten, 70s heartthrob….

by 30 Sep 2016

Uncategorised: Album of the Month: The Wytches

When The Wytches dropped their debut album ‘Annabel Dream Reader’ back in 2014, it represented something unforgiving, witty and relatable. Most of all though, it was an authentic squall of noise that stood firmly apart from everything else at the…

by 30 Sep 2016

Uncategorised: Track by Track: Public Access TV

Public Access T.V. have released their brilliant debut album ‘Never Enough’. Its not been the simplest of roads for the New Yorkers, as they’ve endured album threatening label fall outs and losing their apartment building to a gas explosion. With…

by 25 Aug 2016

Uncategorised: Baby Strange: Club Sabbath

Baby Strange are a dark and high-paced caustic rhythm machine from Glasgow, Scotland. They were formed in 2012 by Johnny Madden and brothers Aidan and Connaire McCann, tired with the mundane banality of Glasgow’s music scene at the turn of…

by 18 Aug 2016

Uncategorised: Sleeves: Hooton Tennis Club

The resurgent re-arrival of vinyl upon our shelves is pleasing beyond the magic plastic disc. It means we can make that extra connection with the bands we have placed our faith in and investigate their minds. We may no longer…