Watch: Chest Pains release video for ‘Cut The Resistance’

Chest Pains having been knocking about since 2017, and were born out of the same DIY scene that has brought us Mush, Treeboy & Arc and Drahla. The band were ready made for this time, this climate and these young ears. Chest Pains are ready to challenge the norm with post punk fuelled campaigns against the social troubles bowled at the youth of today.

The band released their ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ EP in November and toured it with local buddies Treeboy & Arc across the UK. Today, they release a video for EP favourite, ‘Cut The Resistance’. The track serves as a monologue of passion, encouraging togetherness and understanding. When reflecting on the track, Frontman, Sammy Robinson adds “‘Cut The Resistance’ is a song about solidarity. So often we as humans can be very quick to judge something or someone before having any knowledge of the subject. Essentially the lyrics in ‘Cut The Resistance’ are trying to highlight that point and how we shouldn’t assume something about anyone until we’ve spoken to them and understand them.”

You can watch the video below but before you do, heres a little intro from drummer, Calum Coleman “Ignorance in our society is tearing us apart, literally from Europe. These ignorant thought processes have landed us in some awful situations and continue to do so. I (Sammy Robinson) wanted to present where this leads us and show the destruction it causes. War is the ultimate disregard for human life yet life goes on in our own little bubbles. Be accepting and caring of each other, even your enemies, because everything affects everyone. Love thy neighbour.”

Header Photo by Bands On Film