Watch: Children Of The State dream big with the momentous ‘Big Sur’

Here’s the most important thing you need to know about Children Of The State. They’re just a band for us to exhale and do something real simple to. It’s the good stuff – the feel-good stuff, and with Big Sur they’re truly the real deal. 

To quote Wikipedia (apologies), Big Sur (the place) is: “one of the most beautiful coastlines anywhere in the world, an isolated stretch of road, mythic in reputation.” Not too dissimilar to its heart-captured namesake, Big Sur (the single… named after the place… inspired by an endless vibe) is pretty damn gorgeous with a legendary reputation destined to follow. If this “séance of the soul” is anything to go by, Children Of The State will be more than enough to get us through this week’s window-gazing.   

Drooling pastel-psych pictorial – like a Wes Anderson fantasy shot straight to tape – close your eyes and let the sandy finery nestle between your toes as our daydreams are drawn slowly across a vintage beach-bum postcard pinned perfectly between two pleasantly-symmetrical pillars of marble croon. Surely, if you leaned in close enough you’d be able to smooch the lemon-drop, do-wop balm right off of the peachy organ. 

Easy cruisin’ like a surfin’ safari, taking a slight detour and touching base in Liverpool, this fuzz-pedalled trip ripples timelessly, like moonlit shadows shimmering across it’s spectral foundations.

Sailing amicably off into the big wide open of linen-flared pantsuits, charming charisma and luxurious nostalgia – like pairing chip-shop delicacy with an oatmilk ‘99 flake on the promenade, this is quite simply really lovely and I for one shall keep this on loop ‘til the morning comes.

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