Listen: Christian Music Have Shared New Single ‘Feed The Monkey’ and Announced Debut EP

Christian Music’s new release ‘Feed the Monkey’ is a track full of heavy rock, colouring outside the lines yet expertly crafted. Taking on an audibly darker approach than this year’s previous release, ‘Marimba-Tragic Death Cult’, the new single is full of contagious, fervid energy. 

Released ahead of their debut EP, ‘European Tribunal’, this new track shapes that upcoming release to be an uncompromising bundle of harsh instrumentals that come together sounding like bliss. ‘Feed the Monkey’ is a punk single with a thoughtful composition, setting Christian Music apart from the crowd, and makes each release anticipated. The unfiltered energy the band release live can be felt within the depths of this track, with heavy, steady drum beats calling attention to the whirring guitars beneath frontman Josh Baker’s intense vocals. 

As the outro of ‘Feed the Monkey’ simmers out, Christian Music will do anything but. Their debut EP can only be expected to be full of earnest passion, culminating in raw instrumentals with their unique, crazed sound. 

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