Listen: CIVIL PARTNERSHIP Release New Single ‘Saltaire’

A step away from the sound introduced by previous tracks, ‘Saltaire’ brings a tenderness to CIVIL PARTNERSHIP. In every sense conveying an emotional vulnerability.

‘Saltaire’ is relentless and entrancing and proves that at their core, CIVIL PARTNERSHIP are storytellers. Its namesake is a Victorian village, that’s lore follows its purposeful creation and ultimate role in controlling its citizens. With this single, they aim to explore the importance of “place”, and reflect the cyclicity of the pursuit of success and somewhere to settle.

The introductory minute-and-a-half is like a period of world-building- as the foundational bassline and drumbeat are put in place. The instrumentation manages to hold a consistency, whilst exploring an unpredictable melody; as they keep the core components consistent and simple. This provides CIVIL PARTNERSHIP with an open soundscape in which to experiment with their vocal and “improvisational noise guitar”. The guitar arrives rampant and distorted, backed by a cascade of lulling synths in a dreamlike combination.

The vocal sits in a feeble and vulnerable mutter. It’s delicate, and its accompanying harmony that appears later is precise and calculated. With repetition and gentle performance, the vocal works with layers of sound to explore the richness of “memories, ideas and ideals of ‘place’”.

‘Saltaire’ is instrumentally encapsulating and isolating. Even in moments of loose and reverbe-d chaos, everything feels intentional.

Photo by Julia Kobak

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