Listen: CJ Wood shares debut single ‘ Prop Yourself Up’

CJ Wood crafts the sort of intimate music that lingers longingly within the four walls around you, like your own ghost hanging up the memories of your past that you could swear had only just happened.

With debut single ‘Prop Yourself Up’, Wood finds himself in that very headspace – forced into an insular position but also ultimately at peace with the isolation, the normalcy of finding yourself in such a space difficult to not return to.

‘Prop Yourself Up’ is spun lovingly, a warm, melancholic juxtaposition to the brewing self-depreciation that simmers with resentment throughout. It evokes something bittersweet, a notion of hope in breaking free from the intenseness of feeling blue, despite the undeniable feeling of finality that settles within its bones.

It plainly and empathetically captures the tangible cycle of feeling low, and feeling like you’re frustrating others and yourself with the uncontrollable way you feel. CJ Wood does this with a balance of dry wit and acknowledging affability, moulding into the very isolation he’s been forced into yet understanding the ease in which you can become submerged by it.

It’s a tender, fallible moment from an unexpectant artist, simply shedding themselves with honesty within a homely, comforting place.


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