Listen: Cola Share New Single ‘So Excited’ And Announce Debut Album

On their new single, ‘So Excited’, Cola are at a party they wish they weren’t; scanning for an escape and slurring dry lines of Canadian quips to us. The band’s only problem is that they’re hosting, and everyone around them seems to be having a good time.

Glossy with the residue of Ought’s breakup, it’s Cola’s hostility and control which makes ‘So Excited’ more than ‘another-art-punk-song’. The band’s entrance into the choruses are pleasantly jarring, as if they’re letting the cat-out-the-bag and the whole room quietens to listen. This will later be referred to as the main event of the evening; ‘Ah! Remember when Tim Darcy sarcastically pinpointed the fact that you have to be invited to be excited, before composing himself and his bandmates back to their default jitter?’ Yeah man, good craic. 

It’d be ignorant to assume that ‘So Excited’ was actually about a party. Ben Stidworthy’s angular bass playing is so in the pocket, it ends up evoking images of a shubz so awkward the only options are to either chain-smoke or have a little dance. All tied together with tight-as-fuck drums, Cola have recorded a piece of music which relieves and intrigues simultaneously.

Alongside ‘So Excited’, Cola have also announced their debut album ‘Deep In View’, set for release on May 20th via Fire Talk. 

Photo by OK Pederson

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