Listen: Confidence Man return on unwavering form with ‘First Class Bitch’

Confidence Man are back – open up the tabs, prepare your credit cards and get ready to feel like fucking royalty once again. If there was going to be an empowering heater to pull us out of the self-depreciating anxiety of lockdown – you could’ve probably put money on it being Australia’s favourite duo.

What can we say about ‘First Class Bitch’ – sure its another raucous example of what happens when you let Janet Planet and Sugar Bones loose during Rio Carnival and down the road from a Chanel store – yet it’s self-obsession is so tongue-in-cheek it’s actually quite healthy – it’s emboldened, confident and utterly coercive – sure take them with a pinch of salt if you want but really why not just… not?

Sure don’t overdo it – but why not live a little and treat yourself? Planet sure is – the track flying economy in sound with their stripped back percussion and vocal-enraptured melody, while she stamps all over it with entitled tales of righteousness.

If anything, Confidence Man somehow sound even more assertive than they did before – the track searing with a more antagonistic vibe than the loose summer jams of Music For Confident People. If Bones’ wearing grills isn’t enough of an example – playing with harder, hip-hop-esque production, even just for self-aggrandising reasons, could just be the subtle step we didn’t see coming for the group – one which could enable them to transcend into the world-defying act we believe them to be.

Either way, ‘First Class Bitch’ will have you once again dancing like you just don’t care, and don’t let some bitch tell you otherwise.

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