Listen: Connie Constance shares video for single ‘James’

We need to talk about the link between Connie Constance and complete and utter joy.

When it all feels a bit too hectic and you’re lying in bed counting sheep that look like ex’s, ‘James’, in all its “self-destructive rampage” glory, is a sun-drenched hangover that’s so easy to invest in, the distinction between second-hand come-downs and the ‘real-deal’ is about as blurred as the subject matter to hand.   

Power strutting into a high-res alt-aesthetic of silky sensibilities, there’s high-fashion, and then there’s Connie Constance. Untouchably distinct and quintessentially straight-to-the-point, like a star-heeled pair of knee-high platforms destined to last the night before but not the morning after, ‘James’ is a high-life education in living in the moment by means of captured nostalgia, and shots of tequila. Sometimes all it takes to shake off the blues is to get yourself up onto a new high horse and ride off into the distance somewhere pastel-washed and hazy. 

‘James’ is a renewed entry into a world of Gucci grandad shades and power-suits. It’s beautifully youthful – like a little black dress with a green fake-fur trim and afternoon strolls on the heath when you’re a little bit pissed and haven’t yet stopped for lunch. There’s a dance break too because you can’t have green fields without a boogie; that’s simple music video etiquette when you’re a self-released Indie legend who doesn’t take shit from anything.

For what it’s worth, don’t forget to have fun. It’s all too short.

Header Photo by JEANIEQ

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